Relocation Services

Deciding to relocate is one of the biggest decisions a company can make. It takes a lot of time and analysis to arrive at the decision, but once it’s made, the decisions and planning are not over. There are a tremendous amount of details that need to be addressed to make the process seamless. This is where Lotus Rose comes in. We not only manage the entire relocation process, we can start helping you plan and organize your space as soon as you decide to move. From inception to completion we will work with you to ensure your new space will enhance the flow of your business. We will meet with your architect to make sure the design maintains or increases the integrity of your workflow. We will source office furnishings, office equipment, telecom services and train your staff on all new enhancements.

  • Facility design
  • Project development
  • Vendor selection and coordination
  • Create workflow efficiency
  • Tenant representative
  • Procure office furnishings and hardware
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Manage the physical move in